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Jill Leonard

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Name: Jill .J. Leonard


Race: Werewolf

Orientation: Bisexual

Personality: Jill comes across as a very aggressive and confrontational person. And she is, it's also worth noting that she's also bitter, cynical, impatient and gloomy. So all in all she can be quick to violence and rarely ever smiles. When talking to others she tends to be critical and sarcastic but pulls it off in a casual tone. All in all she's just not very friendly. This is however little more than her trying to compensate for a deep crippling insecurity. Jill's instincts as a werewolf are to destroy indiscriminately and without pity so she must be strong in order to repress it, but she overcompensates and in the end just seems like a horrible person to the people she's trying to protect from her own berserk, murderous rampages. Ironically Jill is aware of how she comes across to other people and of her status as a werewolf, so now she's come to see herself as a monster that nobody in the right mind could possibly like. This low self image means she's shy (to the point of hostility) and fails to see herself as attractive or competent as anything but a killing machine. As such she's just bad at making friends and really a very lonely and depressed girl. Perhaps her frustration at her perceived place in life is what burns away that short fuse of hers. In all honesty Jill would like nothing more than to be free of her species as a werewolf, that way she'd lose her killer instincts and could just have the normal, safe life that she's always desired. She is however aware that this is not an option and has simply resigned herself to life as a monster, but at least she's a monster who fights other monsters (in other words she is part of Hellsing). She is loyal to Hellsing's cause, but still isn't above criticizing it like she does most things in life. When on a mission she adopts the philosophy of the end justifying the means, in other words she'll be brutal, ruthless, crass and destructive but only because she truly thinks that it will help the mission and is therefore for the greater good.

Powers: Jill is a werwolf and therefore capable of super human feats of physical activity and fast regeneration. She can also allow herself to transform into her wolf form where she becomes even more physically powerful, however this comes at the cost of intelligence, ability to discern friend from foe and general skill. She is also skilled in summoning magic, or more specifically the ability so summon chainsaws and use various chainsaw based spells... Her ability to use this form of magic does however diminish as the allows the wolf within her to claim more control over her being. Her main weakness is to silver, the bane of all werewolves.


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