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Zamiel Roads

Post  Nobody on Sun Aug 23, 2009 11:34 pm

Name: Zamiel Roads


Race: Vampire

Orientation: Bisexual

Personality: Zamiel comes across as a cheerful and good natured person. Generally speaking he is upbeat and polite around others while always going out of his way to come across as a nice and generous person. However, his approach to niceness often leads into the heroic as he'll willingly put himself in danger for little or no reward and always go out of his way to help people even if it comes at a personal cost to himself. On the surface this seems to stem from his idealistic approach to life, that the world can be improved with hard work and kindness to other people. However the truth is that his generous streak has a much darker origin. Deep down, and he doesn't like to talk about this, he has a severely guilty conscience that has sent him plummeting head first into a spiral of self loathing. He goes out of his way to help people true, but does so with an almost suicidal disregard for personal safety that could very well verge on masochism - This is quite possibly an unconscious shot at martyrdom or an attempt to redeem himself regardless of the cost. Yes he tries to help people and often ends up suffering as a result of it, however he'll just continue as he was before, dysfunctionally accepting this as his atonement smiling all the while without really letting anybody get close to the core of his neuroticism. On the one hand this all acts as a bottomless well of courage for facing enemies, however it can also lead to him making some foolish decisions such as challenging opponents that are vastly stronger than him for the sake of protecting somebody or being trusting enough to believe somebody who really shouldn't be believed. The strange part is that he's aware of how stupid his stupid decisions really are, but will make them anyway, time and time again because he believes that evil should be opposed no matter how strong it is and that people should always be given a chance no matter how seemingly undeserving. Predictably these qualities of reckless bravery and gullibility act as another source of suffering, but he'll predictably accept these too as trials on his path to redemption. While he may resort to killing he always hates to do so and is likely to hold back in battle until he feels he has no other options, this may be to express his immortality or it may be his subconscious trying to have him punished or killed, either one.

Powers: Zamiel has a typical set of vamparic powers and weaknesses. You know the usual, enhanced strength and speed, regeneration, can create other vampires and ghouls - Equally he is weak to sun light and silver and may be killed by the destruction of his head or heart. What sets him apart in terms of ability is his power to create and control fire with his mind, that is to say pyrokinesis.


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