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Sally Walters

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Name: Sally Walters


Orientation: Bisexual

Species: Succubus

Personality: Sally doesn’t really like herself. You’d be hard pressed to find a kinder, gentler, caring or compassionate person than her, but she’s constantly plagued by feelings of inadequacy. Her main problem is that, while she does want to help people she’s hopelessly inept at almost everything - She’s clumsy, forgetful, meek, talentless, inexperienced, uneducated, nieve, optimistic, inarticulate, easily distracted and almost supernaturally unlucky. If she went to give aid to developing nations she’d probably do more harm than good, if she was able to get a regular job she’d probably lose it very quickly, if she became a nun she’d probably be able to test even God’s patience. She isn’t a bad person, on the contrary she’s positively overzealous about helping others (if she could she’d take the place of every heroic sacrifice in history twice over) but she’s just really, really bad at it.

Needless to say Sally is very unsatisfied with her performance in the game of altruism and has developed a sense of self loathing because of it. Sally does however have one skill, and that skill would be sex. She isn’t proud of this skill, in fact she’s quite ashamed of it, and despite being very experienced is still resigned to blushing whenever the subject of sex is raised. Despite all this however Sally knows that it’s the only thing she can do right so she is resigned to the life of a femme fatale. Despite being very well paid Sally is more than content to give the vast majority of her earnings to charity and live in adject squalor.

Sadly Sally has developed into something of a masochist, that doesn’t mean she enjoys physical pain, but she seems to get a strange kick out of being dominated and perhaps even humiliated. This could well be a product of her self loathing, but knowing she enjoys these things only makes her more ashamed of herself, allowing her tastes to sustain themselves. With that in mind Sally is usually attracted to stronger or more aggressive partners even if they don’t have a nice personality, care about her as a person in return or even if they don’t deserve the tremendous love and devotation she’d shower upon them... Lets just say she’s had her heart broken a few times but still keeps coming back for more. Also her submissive and mashocistic nature (as well as job requirements) make her very easy to seduce and ravish so she’d have an impossible time staying loyal to a partner anyway.

On a side note Sally has a magnetic attraction towards anything cute, plushies are one of the few luxuries she’ll allow herself (though she wouldn’t trust herself with a real pet... she’d see it as cruel to the animal who’d inevitably suffer because of her general hopelessness). She also likes children and would do most anything to make them happy, partly because she thinks they’re adorable, partly because her own childhood was extremely unhappy and she finds comfort in making sure that other children lead happier lives, but largely because she had her own child taken from her at a disturbingly young age...

Powers: Sally was once a human but was converted into a succubus, this granted her extremely potent shape shifting ability that allows her to take on any shape so long as it is humanoid - At it's utter extremes her body can produce special drugs and phermones that aid in the seduction and corruption of her partners. One might assume that this could make her a very powerful warrior if she got a little bit more imaginative in her abilities, however she's an unskilled fighter and very unlucky so she's actually rather weak in straight combat. As a succubus she requires frequent sexual intercourse to survive, however the forces of hell seem to reward her for corrupting mortal souls through sex if she ever has the chance.


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